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  • Air Bear Airlines
    A special program for children designed by Jan Draper of the Illinois Department of Aviation.
    by Barbara J. Muehlhausen
  • FBI and Amelia Earhart
    56 pages of the FBI investigation of Earhart's disappearance. Obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.
    A visit to the International Women's Air & Space Museum.
    by Jacqui Sturgess
  • NASA Women Astronauts Timeline
    Offers a timeline dating back to 1978 that includes photos of the first women astronauts, the first woman to fly and the first shuttle commander.
  • The American Experience - Fly Girls
    PBS's documentary about the Women Airforce Service Pilots who helped fight in WWII. Includes a film, pilot profiles, and a teacher's guide.
  • The Right Stuff Has No Gender
    Maj. Sandra L. Bateman examines the history of women combat pilots. Includes an analysis of the Women's Armed Services Integration Act.
  • Top Fun Aviation Toy Museum
    Trace American history and culture through the toys that have helped shape children's thoughts about aviation.
    by Rosalie Dunbar and Debby Sheetz
  • WASP Fact Sheet
    Take a look at the United States Air Force's official fact sheet for the decommissioned women's flying group.

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