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  • Against The Odds
    Reflective thoughts prior to one's first solo.
    by Jacqui Sturgess
  • American Airlines Celebrates Womenís Contribution To The Airline Industry
    As part of its 75th anniversary, American Airlines is recognizing the women who played a significant role in the company's growth. Read about Marie Allen, May Bobeck, Agnes Nohava and Velma Maul (the first "stewardesses"), Bonnie Tiburzi (first woman flight engineer), Beverly Bass (first woman in the airline industry to earn captain's stripes from a major airline), as well as Terry Claridge and Tracy Prior (members of the first all-female crew).
  • Amy Johnson: Pioneer Airwoman
    Amy set off alone in a single engine Gypsy Moth from Croydon on May 5, 1930, and landed in Darwin on May 24, an epic flight of 11,000 miles. She was the first woman to fly alone to Australia.
  • Barbara Scierchio  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    After attending a Ninety-Nine's meeting, Barbara decided it was time to get her pilot's license. She received her private certificate at the age of 48, and her instrument rating at the age of 53. She's been involved in the Sun 'n Fun Fly-In (Lakeland, Florida) since 1981.
  • Bessica Raiche  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    The "First Woman Aviator of America"
    by Henry M. Holden
  • Bessie Coleman
    In 1921, Bessie Coleman earned her license (two years before Amelia Earhart) from the Federation Aeronautique Internationale. She was the only licensed black pilot in the world.
    Article from the NASA sponsored Allstar Network
  • Betty Skelton - First Lady of Firsts  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    An aviation sweetheart, an international celebrity and a flying sensation, Betty Skelton holds more combined aviation and automotive records that anyone in history.
  • Blanche Stuart Scott  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    The first American woman to solo in a fixed-wing, heavier-than-air machine.
    by Henry M. Holden
  • Boeing's Best
    Six female test pilots are now a critical part of Boeing's Flight Test department.
    by Phyllis Moses
  • Captain Deborah McCoy  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    In 1999, Continental Airlines' Captain Deborah McCoy became the airline's Senior Vice President of Flight Operations, supervising 5,200 pilots and 8,700 flight attendants. The position made her the highest-ranking woman in America's airline industry.
  • Cheryl Stearns  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    An airline pilot and a world parachute champion, Cheryl spends most of her time either flying in or jumping out of airplanes. She was seventeen when she made her first jump. Today she is a senior First Officer for USAirways, and a member of the Golden Knights.
  • Dr. Peggy Baty  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    Founder, Women in Aviation International
    by Henry M. Holden
  • Edna Gardner Whyte  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    The tenth woman in the free world to earn a helicopter rating, Edna was one of the original Whirly Girls. A past-president of The Ninety Nines, Edna has been honored with the Charles Lindbergh Lifetime Achievement Award, and in 1990, became the first woman elected an Honorary Member of the Order of Daedalians (previously an all-male organization of military pilots).
  • Emily Warner  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    The first American woman in modern times to fly for a scheduled airline.
    by Henry M. Holden
  • Fly Girls: The American Experience  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    A magnificent video from the American Experience series on PBS that presents the largely unknown story of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP). The show features a remarkable group of former WASPs who recall the planes they flew, the challenges they met, and the pride they felt in playing a role in the American war effort. Produced in 1999, this film recently re-aired on PBS in June 2001.
  • Harriet Quimby
    A Mystery Within an Enigma
    by Monica Quimby Batac and Henry M. Holden
  • Harriet Quimby
    America's first licensed female pilot on August 1, 1911, and the first woman to pilot her own aircraft across the English Channel on April 16, 1912.
    Article from the NASA sponsored Allstar Network
  • Jacque Boyd  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    With her Masters degree in Aerospace Education, Jacque consults with airlines and corporations around the world to develop maternity policies for pilots.
  • Jacqueline Cochran
    First woman to break the sound barrier. Article in the NASA sponsored Allstar Network
  • Jean Tinsley  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    Co-founder and current President of the Helicopter Club of America
    by Henry M. Holden
  • Jerrie Cobb
    First woman to undergo the testing developed for the selection of the Mercury Astronauts.
    From NASA's Female Frontiers.
  • Julia Clark  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    The third woman to earn a pilot's license.
    by Henry M. Holden
  • June D. Maule  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    For 55 years, June Maule operated the administrative aspects of Maule Air with her husband. Today, she is the CEO and sole owner of Maule Air, Inc., the manufacturer of Maule STOL airplanes.
  • June Scobee Rodgers
    Founding Chairman of the Challenge Center for Space Science Education
    from Woman Pilot Magazine
  • Kara Spears Hultgreen
    Learn about the life and tragic accident that killed the US Navy's first female fighter pilot while making a landing on an aircraft carrier off the coast of California. Includes accident investigation reports.
  • Karen McArdle
    Busy Karen McArdle still finds time to fly and teach.
    by Russ Hulet
  • Kim Darst  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    In 1987, seventeen-year-old high school senior, Kim Darst set a record. She became the first person to fly a helicopter into her high school graduation ceremonies. Today, she owns KD Helicopters, and has flown over 17,000 hours.
  • Major Anne M. Fletcher  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    In 1976, Anne Fletcher was part of the first class at the USAF Academy to include women. Her nineteen year career with the USAF include many 'firsts' ... including the first woman to fly Air Force II with the Vice President aboard.
  • Major Deanna Brasseur
    In 1972, Deanna Brasseur joined the Canadian military as a typist in a dental office. In June of 1989, she was one of the first female jet fighter pilots in the world to fly the sophisticated CF-18 Hornet - the most powerful plane in the Canadian Air Force arsenal.
  • Mary Schiavo: Flying Into a Storm of Controversy.
    "If I had to pick one thing, it would be to give the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) the power to require the FAA to act. And if the FAA didn't act, the NTSB could act in its place." Magazine: Biography; November 1997
  • Military Women Pilots
    Profiles of women who aimed high and set the precedent for today's fighter pilots. Includes photos and details of particular achievements.
  • Nancy Bird-Walton
    Nancy is a pioneer Australian aviator. Now 85, she was the first woman in Australia to get a job as a commercial pilot.
  • Nancy Wright  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    At the age of 49, Nancy Wright began her career in aviation. In 1992, with her commercial pilot, instrument and ground instructor ratings in hand, she co-founded the AirBears program.
  • Nelda Lee  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    Manager of the F-15 Flight and Ground Test Engineering at McDonnell Douglas Aerospace.
    by Henry M. Holden
  • Neta Snook  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    Neta began flying lessons in 1917, and taught Amelia Earhart to fly.
  • No Curbs in the Sky
    Profile of Carol Hickey by Carol Brown
    International Women Pilots
    99 News Magazine - November/December 1995
  • O Solo Mio!  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    I soloed on February 13, 2000!
    by Jacqui A. Sturgess
  • Queen Bess  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    A life of courage, determination and grace.
    by Nancy Fessenden
  • Rosemary B. Mariner  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    Rosemary Mariner earned her private pilot license on her 17th birthday, and was part of the first group of women to become Naval aviators.
  • Russian Women Pilots
    by Phyllis-Anne Duncan
    Highlights the achievements of Russian women in space and aviation during the Cold War. Article is informative and easy to read. From the FAA News.
  • Ruth Elder  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    In 1927, Ruth Elder attempted to be the first woman to fly across the Atlantic.
    by Henry M. Holden
  • Ruth Law: Record Setter  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    On November 12, 1912, Ruth soloed and received her license. She immediately went to work as a commercial pilot ...
    by Henry M. Holden
  • Soviet Women Combat Pilots
    Visit New Zealand's Fighter Pilots Museum to read profiles and stories about the Soviet Union's tradition-breaking squadron's from WWII.
  • Soviet Women Pilots in the Great Patriotic War
    Thousands of Russian women and girls courageously fought for their Rodina (Motherland), serving with the Voyenno-Vozdushniye Sily (Air Forces, in Russian). In 1942, three air regiments were formed from female volunteers. Excellent site on Russian women pilots!
  • The Ninety-Nines  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    Founded in 1929, the Ninety-Nines organization continues to further women's interests in aviation. This is their history and story.
    by Henry M. Holden
  • Wally Funk
    Air Safety Investigator
    International Women Pilots
    99 News Magazine
  • Women Combat Pilots: The Right Stuff
    A wonderful video from the History Channel which first aired on March 9, 2003. Soar through history with pioneering female aviators and meet the women who are proudly carrying their legacy into the future.
  • Women of the WASP
    By Dora Dougherty Strother. An authoritative and footnoted article by a WASP
  • Women's Air Derby  WIARC Recommended Reading List
    The opening attraction to the 1929 Air Races, in Cleveland, Ohio. To be eligible, women needed a license and 100 hours of solo time ...
    by Henry M. Holden
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