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History Quiz: Quiz #8
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1) In September 1999, Continental Airlines promoted a woman pilot to the airline's senior vice president of flight operations.Who was she?
Captain Janice Jackson
Captain Mary Leer
Captain Deborah McCoy
Captain Alice Schultz

2) Who was the first person to demonstrate a parachute to the U.S. Army, at San Diego, California. in 1915?
Tiny Broadwick
Harriet Quimby
Marjorie Stinson
Amelia Earhart

3) In what year was the ISA+21 (International Society of Women Airline Pilots) formed?

4) In April 1919 she became the first person to fly air mail in the Philippines. She was?
Bessie Coleman
Ruth Law
Marjorie Stinson
Amelia Earhart

5) Who was the first American woman to fly an aerobatic routine in August 1920?
Laura Bromwell
Betty Skelton
Amelia Earhart
Katherine Stinson

6) In 1934, who was the first woman to circumnavigate South America, and the first woman to fly over the treacherous Andes Mountains?
Amelia Earhart
Laura Ingells
Jackie Cochran
Pancho Barnes

7) What year did the Secretary of the Navy announces authorization of aviation training for women?

8) In 1968 who was the first African American woman hired as an Air Traffic Controller?
Mae Jemison
Janet Bragg
Elinor Williams
Mary Quinett

9) In 1974, who was the first woman hired as a pilot by Piedmont Airlines?
Lori Griffith
Cheryl Faye Peters
Bonnie Tiburzi
Emily Warner

10) Who was the first woman to graduate from the U.S. Naval Test Pilot School and also became the first female member of the Society of Experimental Test Pilots in 1983?
Kelly Hamilton
Colleen Nevius
Susan Anthony
Rosemary Mariner


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