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History Quiz: Quiz #7
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1) Who won the US Women's National Aerobatic Championship five times?
Patty Wagstaff
Mary Gaffaney
Courtney Smith
Jerrie Mock

2) Who was the first woman to captain a civilian B-747 cross country?
Charlotte Larson
Beverly Burns
Lynn Rippelmeyer
Grace Stevenson

3) Who was the first woman to captain a civilian B-747 on a transatlantic flight?
Beverly Burns
Lynn Rippelmeyer
Judith Larson
Kelly Hamilton

4) The flights in questions 2 & 3 both occurred on the same day. When?
July 19, 1984
April 1, 1971
December 17, 1965
June 5, 1988

5) Who was the first American woman to pilot a jet?
Ann Carl
Jacqueline Cochran
Blanche Noyes
Jacqueline Auriol

6) Who was the first woman to fly solo around the world?
Jackie Cochran
Jerrie Mock
Amelia Earhart
Nancy Harkness Love

7) Who was the first woman to fly for a regularly scheduled airline?
Bonnie Tiburzi
Emily Warner
Helen Richey
Jackie Cochran

8) Who was the first woman officially tested by NASA as a possible astronaut candidate?
Wally Funk
Jerrie Cobb
Betty Skelton
Jackie Cochran

9) In 1941 she developed a wartime program to train women to be flight instructors?
Jackie Cochran
Phoebe Omelie
Nancy Harkness Love
Blanche Noyes

10) Who was the first woman helicopter pilot?
Ann Carter
Hanna Reitsch
Jean Ross Howard
Fran Bera


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