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History Quiz: Quiz #5
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1) Who was the Ninety-Nines first president?
Harriet Quimby
Jackie Cochran
Amelia Earhart
Blanche Scott

2) Who was the first woman pilot to have a parachute save her life and become enrolled in the Caterpillar Club (Sep 1928)?
Fay Gillis Wells
Amelia Earhart
Bobbi Trout
Pancho Barnes

3) Along with Dick Rutan she set a world record for an around the world non-stop, non-refueled flight. Who was this woman pilot?
Amelia Earhart
Sally Ride
Jeana Yeager
Helen Richey

4) In what year was this record set?

5) How many hours in the air did this flight take?
None of the above

6) The US Air Force admitted women to flight school in what year?

7) Who was the first woman to earn her wings in this first class?
Connie Engle
Jackie Cochran
Nancy Love
Garnet Bracca

8) Who was the first woman appointed to head the FAA?
Jackie Cochran
Dale Evans
Jane Garvey
Shelia Widnall

9) Who was the first woman to fly a helicopter?
Jean Ross Howard
Hanna Reitsch
Jackie Cochran
Garnet Bracca

10) Who was the first woman to win the National Aerobatic Championship three years in a row?
Jackie Cochran
Patty Wagstaff
Dorothy Hester Stenzel
Sally Ride


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