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History Quiz: Quiz #2
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1) Who was the first American woman to fly air mail in May 1915?
Harriet Quimby
Amelia Earhart
Marjorie Stinson
Ruth Law

2) Who was the first woman to pilot an airplane across the English Channel (April 16, 1912)?
Amelia Earhart
Jackie Cochran
Harriet Quimby
Lady Hay-Drumond-Hay

3) In what year was the International Organization of Women Pilots (Ninety-Nines) formed?

4) Who set the first Official woman's altitude record (December 7, 1928)?
Marvel Crossen
Louise Thaden
Bobbi Trout
Elinor Smith

5) What was that altitude record?
24,000 ft
20,260 ft
14,770 ft
29,068 ft

6) Who was the first African American woman to travel into space?
Mae Jemison
Bessie Coleman
Janet Harmon Bragg
None of the above

7) What was the "Mercury 13" of 1961?
13 American women astronauts qualified for space travel
13 International women astronauts
A secret program to get an American lead on the Russian space race
None of the above

8) What was "Pancho Barnes" pre-married name?
Florence Lowe
Betty Smith
Elinor Johnson
None Of the above

9) Who broke Amelia Earhart's speed record of 181.8 mph set in July 1930?
Pancho Barnes
Jackie Cochran
Ruth Nichols
Bobbi Trout

10) What was that record speed, and when did it occur?
196.19 mph (Aug 1930)
211.45 mph (Sep 1930)
205.67 mph (Oct 1930)
210.63 mph (Jan 1931)


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