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  • AirlineCareer.com
    Online employment resource for individuals seeking a flight attendant career with a major airline.
  • AVCREW.com
    Founded in 1997, AvCrew.Com is the original Web site devoted to corporate aviation employment.
  • Aviation Interviews.com
    The purpose of this site is to provide you with the latest pilot, dispatcher, and flight attendant interview gouge for airlines and fractional ownerships!
  • Aviation Job Search.com
    Free of charge to job seekers, this site has job postings covering every aspect of the aviation industry. The company is based in the UK, and many of their client postings are for positions outside of the US.
  • AviationCareer.net
    AviationCareer.net is the on-line magazine that specializes in aviation career and employment issues. There is also a free newsletter that goes to over 50,000 recipients each week.
  • AviationNet.com
    Current jobs, post a job, and post your online resume. Includes an Aviation Directory, and free job alert via email.
  • Avjobs.com
    Avjobs.com is an online resource that brings together employers and employees in the aviation industry.
  • CareerJet.com
    Careerjet is an employment search engine for the United States. It allows you to search a growing selection of jobs listed on company sites as well as jobsites in one go saving you the trouble of having to go to each site individually.
  • climbto350.com
    The fastest and most efficient online network for airlines and recruitment companies to hire qualified aviation personnel. Features include resume posting and free job searching through our online jobs board.
  • Jet-Jobs.com
    Dedicated to providing complete, timely, and accurate information to help pilots make informed decisions throughout their job search, and to assist them in their career development as an airline pilot.
  • Mesa Air
    The Mesa Air Group team currently numbers more than 5000 people working from locations all across the United States.
  • PlaneJobs.com
    PlaneJobs.com provides job seekers the ability to post their resumes and search Aviation Industry job postings free of charge.
  • Southern Illinois University Carbondale
    Welcome to the Aviation Programs at Southern Illinois University Carbondale. For nearly 50 years SIUC Aviation has been preparing students for careers in all aspects of the aviation industry.
  • The Mechanic
    Web site for aircraft mechanics. Employment and more.
  • The Pro 99s Network
    The Pro 99s Network, a new online career networking resource for women pilots by women pilots.
  • The Womens Executive Network
    The Womens Executive Network, WEN, is the Internet's first full-service job placement and career development company for women.
  • Universal Pilot Application Service
    An innovative employment assistance service that provides all pilots the opportunity to gain exposure to companies hiring qualified applicants.
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