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Education: Just For Kids
  • Amazing Space
    Taking Education to the Farthest Reaches of Space! A collection of online interactive educational resources for grades K-12.
  • Ask An Astronaut webcast
    Ask An Astronaut webcast provides the opportunity for you to meet and then have your space-related questions answered by those who have been there. Each month they feature a different astronaut, so return often to see if your questions have been answered!
  • Aviation Challenge
    AVIATION CHALLENGE® is a five-day residential program packed with aviation training for young people. Programs for students of all ages. Mach I is for trainees ages 9-11. Mach II is for students aged 12-14 and Mach III is for students aged 15-18.
  • AvKids
    AvKids can help transform a child’s flights of fancy into a fun educational experience that may lead to a rewarding career path. In the course of their journey, this program hopes to reinforce the values and zest for learning that will serve future aviation professionals well throughout their lives.
  • AvScholars Kids/Youth secto
    The Kids/Youth channel will provide you with resources to help students interested in aviation/aerospace pursue their career goals. There is a wide range of links to cool aviation web sites for kids of all grades.
  • Beginner's Guide to Aerodynamics
    The site was prepared at NASA Glenn to provide background information for secondary math and science teachers on the basic aerodynamics of airplanes. Students of all ages are welcomed.
  • Challenger Center
    Challenger Center uses students' natural enthusiasm for space to create innovative learning experiences for imaginative young minds. Links to Challenger learning Centers.
  • Girls Explore
    Girls Explore™ is dedicated to the idea that girls can do or be anything they want. Girls Explore™ broadens the horizon of possibilities for girls through role models in major fields of science, sports, the arts, the humanities, and business and professions.
  • How Things Fly
    Take a cartoon approach to explain what makes an airplane fly, a spacecraft stay in orbit, a balloon float in the air. Highlights: 4 Forces, How it Works, and Air is Stuff.
  • NASA Observatorium Aeronautics
    Explains how NASA aeronautics provides technology today for tomorrow's safer, more efficient aircraft. Highlights: Astronomy for the Jet Set, NASA's ER-2 High-Flying Science, and See How It Flies.
  • NASA's Quest Projects
    Connects students with NASA employees to inspire students to pursue high-tech careers.
  • Off to a Flying Start - Grades K-4
    Off to a Flying Start, a NASA Langley Learning Technologies Project, is a K-4 online telecommunications project that uses worldwide collaboration and aeronautics to provide learning opportunities to students in math and science.
  • Sally Ride Science
    Sally Ride Science is a reference for parents and has a wealth of information.
  • U.S. Space Camp
    U.S. SPACE CAMP® has various day programs jam-packed with astronaut training for young people. Kids must already be attending classes in the 4th grade and be at least 9 years old. SPACE ACADEMY® is for young people ages 12-14 and ADVANCED SPACE ACADEMY® is for students in grades 15-18.
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