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Education: Flight Training
  • AOPA/Learn to Fly
    If you are reading this, the chances are you have thought about what it would be like for you to learn to fly. This link answers all of the questions you have. Here you'll learn the basics of getting a pilot certificate and read personal accounts of people who have done it. We think you'll find it interesting and enjoyable reading, and we hope it will help convince you to take a drive to your local airport and sign up for a first flight.
  • Cessna Pilot Center
    Fill out a form on this site and get a coupon for a specially priced $35 Discovery Flight, good at any Cessna Pilot Center in North America. Also has an application for a Sallie Mae Financial Corporation professional education loan. If you qualify you can fly for as low as $50 a month. THIS IS A GOOD DEAL!
  • Comair Aviation Academy
    Owned and operated by Comair Airlines, a Delta Connection. Upon graduation, 97% of its students, who have completed their Professional Pilot Course curriculum hear that single most important word from the Airlines, "Hired."
  • Flight Safety International
    Within the broad realm of training, FSI has carved a special niche that involves the preparation of its customers for the safe and effective operation of complex, high-risk equipment. In most cases, the context is aviation.
  • Phoenix East Aviation Flight School,
    Graduating students of Phoenix East Aviation have one of the highest employment rates in the industry. Many students are now employed by major corporations and airlines throughout the world.
  • Pocono Air Center
    Pocono Air Center, owned by Joanne Boyer, is a full service Fixed Based Operator (FBO) located at the Pocono Mountains Municipal Airport in Eastern Pennsylvania, USA. We offer aircraft service, fueling, repair, storage, and modifications.
  • Procockpit
    Procockpit provides training and information designed for the General Aviation pilot. Learn concepts and techniques used by the professionals. Become a better, more confident pilot.
  • Student Pilot
    Established with the goal of becoming the number one online training aid for pilots.
  • West Valley Flying Club
    The West Valley Flying Club is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing well-equipped, professionally maintained aircraft at reasonable cost, excellent instruction for both new and experienced pilots, and aviation-related activities for its members. Established in 1973, WVFC is the largest non-profit flying club in the country.

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