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Books: Airline Careers

a star WIARC Recommended Reading List

  • Collegiate Aviation Guide
    The Collegiate Aviation Guide is a must for the students, institutions, faculty, and aviation industry professional making it an excellent tool for selecting and identifying an institution and the type of aviation program available.
  • Flight Attendant Job Finder & Career Guide
    Each year more than 400,000 aspirants seek to become professional flight attendants. Written by a veteran flight attendant, this book offers the inside scoop on the ins and outs of the application process.
  • Mental Math for Pilots
    Being able to easily perform math calulations in your head is a skill that every pilot strives for. If (like many!) you struggle a bit with this process, or, if you are simply looking for a way to improve your math skills in the cockpit, then 'Mental Math for Pilots' is a must read!
  • Professional Pilot Career Guide
    A goldmine of practical tips on career opportunities, training, buidling flight time, and hiring practices, this book was called "right on target" by the hiring manager at United Airlines.
  • Reporting Clear?
    A Pilot's Interview Guide to Background Checks & Presentation of Personal History.
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